In 1989, George Remmetter opened Chelsea’s Cafe and Daiquiri Bar one block off LSU’s campus, in the University Shopping Center on West State Street. Chelsea’s became known for serving hot sandwiches, roast beef stuffed potatoes and frozen daiquiris.  It was very much a dive with a pink tile floor, a pool table and restrooms that serviced the patrons of Murphy’s.  On game days it quickly became the spot for locals to grab a daiquiri on the short walk to Tiger Stadium.  A few years later video poker was introduced to Louisiana and Chelsea’s picked up three machines.  The dive was a popular spot to grab a sandwich and play a few rounds.  Video poker was short lived. After its demise in East Baton Rouge Parish, George sold the dive to his son David, who was pretty much going nowhere fast, but managed to get lucky with a few ideas.
Dave got rid of the daiquiris 6 months later, hired a new chef, started booking bands and within a couple of years decide to move the location to the Old Colonel’s Club Building under the Perkins road overpass.  The word was that the building was cursed, but Dave thought it was perfect fit for an old hippie bar,  tucked away under the overpass.  With the great Garden District location, Chelsea’s started catering to the locals of all walks of life.  Since then Chelsea’s has been a good fit serving up great homemade food, cold beer, warm Jager and live music on the weekends.  Whether you come just for dinner or stay for drinks and the band, we welcome you to become part of the neighborhood family!